Jesse Joe Stark explores the “duality of love” in the dramatic new single “Lipstick”.


Jessie Jo Stark has released her debut studio album “Doomed” — watch the video for her latest single “Lipstick” below.

The Los Angeles singer-songwriter’s first full-length album, consisting of 11 tracks, was co-produced with Jesse Rutherford (The Neighborhood, Benny Blanco) and Michael Harris (Haim, Angel Olsen).

Recently, the project was announced with the memorable track “Tornado”, “a melancholic and thoughtful look at passionate and all-consuming love”. It followed the singles “Modern Love” and “So Bad” (featuring Jesse Rutherford).

In Lipstick, Stark explores the “duality of love” and recalls the experience of reliving an attack of emotional torment.

“I don’t want to be here anymore/ I’m dead, lying on the floor/ Your lipstick tastes like cocaine/ Your lipstick takes away the pain,” the artist sings in a dramatic chorus. “I can’t do this anymore.”


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