Jersey Shore: Why Chris’s team is roommates, not Angelina’s team


In “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” the roommates have always had a strong bond that has kept them together for the past 12 years, but when it comes to Angelina Pivarnick, she’s always been on the fringe. Up until the first season of the rebooted series, she had never participated in any of the lives of Jenny Farley, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Dina Cortese, Vinnie Guadagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, DJ Paulie Dee or Mike Sorrentino. She always had a difficult relationship with them, and she never seemed to get along with the band after she left.

With her own life and Angelina’s newly improved attitude, the roommates finally accepted her as their own. However, when things took a turn for the worse in Angelina’s relationship, they had no problem believing what her future ex-husband was saying about her. From the very beginning of Angelina’s storyline, fans of the show got to know her longtime partner Chris Larangueira and their relationship, which was on a roller coaster.

Jersey Shore: A family vacation showed the couple good and bad times. After all, the audience saw from the very beginning how difficult their relationship was, and could not understand why they insisted on staying together when they could not live five minutes without a quarrel. After all, the two loved each other, but for some reason they never got along, and the roommates immediately realized that they were quite an interesting couple. Despite the fact that Angelina was their friend, the group sided with Chris.

Angelina and Chris were Rocky from the very beginning

When the couple talked in detail about their personal life in front of the cameras for several seasons that were broadcast, viewers witnessed a lot of arguments, which led to a lot of confusion, since Angelina always declared Chris her “best friend”. The couple’s lack of intimacy eventually led to the Jersey Shore roommates intervening and constantly making fun of them, which bothered them noticeably. However, despite the fact that the roommates finally accepted Angelina as their own, as soon as the rumors started circulating from Chris’ mouth, they seemed to side with him rather than her.

Toxicity escalates, and actors from Jersey Shore take part

Many viewers of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will say that Chris and Angelina should not have married at all because of the way the couple argued. When Jenny, Dina and Nicole gave their infamous wedding speech at Angelina’s wedding, craziness ensued as Angelina was shown laughing and then got so angry that she ran away when she realized it was bothering Chris. This speech silenced the women for several months, and Nicole even dropped out of the series for a while. However, when their people intervened, they were able to make amends. Now Chris claims that Angelina leaked the speech to a source to make women look even worse years after the wedding episode aired. Rooms Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is beginning to suspect that there may be some truth in this. It is shown that Angelina is clearly upset that her ex-husband is aggravating her situation by telling all this to Mike, and the roommates immediately take his side, not hers. Fans of the show can argue that Angelina prevented the neighbors from believing her, given that she joined Jersey Shore: Family vacations only recently, and her constant need to push buttons gave her more problems than necessary.

The cast of Jersey Shore was easily swayed by Chris

The roommates so easily believed what Chris said about Angelina. This shows viewers that maybe they haven’t fully accepted Angelina, given how she’s been with them in the past; however, Mike also stirred up the pot when talking to Chris and the man she allegedly had an affair with. The ladies also thought they had left all the wedding drama behind, so it’s disappointing that it’s coming up again after so long. There are always two sides to every story, but in this case, the actors of the series “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” should support Angelina.


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