Jerry Judy told about his first impression of Russell Wilson


For the past two seasons, Denver Broncos receiver Jerry Judy has struggled to live up to his status as a first-round draft pick. But he can look forward to a big leap in 2022 when Russell Wilson became his QB. And he’s looking forward to it.

In a recent interview with Denver7, Judy praised Wilson for his attention to detail. He believes that with Wilson at the center of the attack, the Broncos can become “explosive.”

“Every detail matters to him. You learn a lot from how hard he works and how focused he is when he’s on the field and at the board,” Judy said. “You understand how locked up he is. I’ve learned a lot. He’s a great defender. I’m excited to play with him.

“I mean, it’s going to be very interesting. I feel like we’re going to be a very explosive team. I feel like we have everything we need, so we just need to put it together. And I’m excited that it’s going to happen.”

Explosive is far from the word that can describe the Denver Broncos over the past six years. Since 2016, they have been ranked bottom in the NFL in points and yards every season.

During that time, they had five losing seasons, countless starting quarterbacks, and several head coaches.

Jerry Judy led the Broncos in receiving yards as a rookie, but he regressed due to injuries in 2021.

Will Russell Wilson help Judy reach 1,000 yards in 2022?