Jerry from Rick and Morty is secretly immortal (for the perfect reason)


While Jerry from Rick and Morty has proven himself to be a useless coward who is more of a liability than an asset when it comes to his participation in space adventures, he has a secret ability that actually makes him immortal—and it’s absolutely perfect.

Jerry is married to Beth, Rick’s daughter, and is the father of Morty and Summer in the Rick and Morty succession. Rick is a brilliant scientist, and his daughter Beth is a successful equestrian surgeon. Jerry is, for the most part, an annoying, characterless person whom Rick absolutely can’t stand because he sees in him a living example of Beth’s wasted potential. Even when Jerry tries to be adventurous, his cowardly duplicity eventually shines through, which was perfectly shown in season 3 of “Rick and Morty”, episode 5, “Cool Dirty Conspiracy”. father-in-law, but then he tries to kill Rick because he sees him as a threat to his marriage and Beth’s marriage.Although this may seem like an example of how Jerry stands up for himself, in fact he only committed a murder attempt because he was manipulated by a group of aliens who wanted to see Rick dead, and this is just one of many cases where Jerry’s weak-willed nature almost cost a member of his family his life.

In the short story “Rick and Morty #51” by Kyle Starks, Magdalene Visaggio, Mark Ellerby and Ian McGinty, “Death suits Him,” Rick, Morty and Jerry must steal a water heater that not only creates hot water, but also water. this is able to cure any and all known diseases. Unfortunately, the mission to retrieve the device is so insidious that Jerry actually gets shot in the head and dies instantly. Waking up in the afterlife, Jerry meets the grim reaper, who takes him to the next phase of his cosmic existence. However, during their journey to the other side, Jerry annoys the reaper so much that he actually brings Jerry back to life, so he doesn’t have to deal with him for a second. When Jerry wakes up in his human body again, he discovers that the Grim Reaper has actually brought him back, although he doesn’t seem too surprised by this, as he darkly whispers to himself, “Works every time.”

Jerry’s comment after his resurrection indicates that this problem was not the first time he had so annoyed death that he was brought back to life, which means, as strange as it may be, Jerry is technically immortal. Jerry’s immortality, stemming from his insufferable nature, would actually make Jerry a huge advantage for Rick and Morty during their most dangerous adventures. At least, one would assume that this is the case. But, again, just because Jerry himself can’t die doesn’t mean he won’t kill others along the way because of his incompetence, which, as the “Cool Dirty Conspiracy” proved, is bound to happen if he gets involved in more adventures because of his power of immortality.

The fact that Jerry is immortal is something of a cosmic joke in Rick and Morty’s established universe, as he is the saddest excuse for a man in this series, but he can never die because of his unbearable nature. However, the fact that his established nature is the very reason why he cannot die is absolutely perfect, because it shows how annoying and unbearable Jerry is not only for the main characters Rick and Morty, but even for the being who controls death.