Jerome Powell, Person of the Year in Cryptocurrency


Forbes selected Fed Chairman Jerome Powell as the person of the year in the cryptocurrency world within the scope of the crypto awards they started to give for the first time this year. Announcing that they have started to give crypto awards for the first time, Forbes also includes different famous names on the list.

Forbes, a worldwide popular magazine, chose Fed Chairman Jerome Powell as the person of the year in the cryptocurrency world as part of the crypto awards they started this year. Anthony Pompliano, who is on the jury of the crypto awards, showed that behind his election as the head of the Fed, “Powell was running a $ 3 trillion marketing campaign for Bitcoin”.

Why Jerome Powell?

The statement written at the Forbes awards reminded the fact that the US central bank Fed printed more than $ 3 trillion and almost doubled its balance sheet as part of the fight against the pandemic. While it was stated that the Fed created an environment in which cryptocurrencies started to be taken seriously with this move, the positive attitudes of Wall Steet’s big names such as Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller were cited.

However, regarding the Fed’s printing of money, venture company Pantera Capital said, “Two hundred years of debt was made in a month.” The comment was also reminded.

Jury Anthony Pompliano said the following on the subject:

“I think Jerome Powell, along with his colleagues, did what he believes was best to alleviate the problems caused by the pandemic and economic crisis in the short term. But when he wanted to alleviate this pain in a short time, he showed what will happen in the future from retail investors to big corporate companies.

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Other award winners

As part of Forbes’ crypto awards, the “Best Product” award went to Square’s Cash App. Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor received the award as “Most interesting breakout name”. Except those; The award for “Disruptive Innovative” Caitlin Long, “Outstanding Firm” Ark Invest, and finally the “Annus Horribilis” (meaning horrible year in Latin) award was also given to Libra (Facebook’s digital currency).


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