Jerks: Troy Aikman explained, more on the ear from Radio


Earlier this offseason, Troy Aikman made the unexpected decision to leave FOX and join ESPN.

He was soon joined at Worldwide Leader by his long-time booth partner Joe Buck. Since then, Aikman has given a number of reasons why he left FOX.

In a recent podcast appearance, he explained why he wanted to cancel his contract with FOX after the first year of the deal. He explained that both sides could not agree on a deal, so he wanted to refuse.

“The reason I wanted to opt out was because we couldn’t agree on a fair market value,” he said. “They made an offer and I thought it was a good start. But there were no negotiations. That was their position, and that was where they were going to stop. the first year and only one year I have the opportunity to cancel the contract.”

Aikman and Buck will make their debuts in the 2022 season when Russell Wilson returns to Seattle and the Seahawks host the Denver Broncos on September 12.


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