Jeonan from TWICE asks Nayeon to choose a girl between her and Mom, her answer is perfect


Among your closest friends, if you had to choose one person to go on a date with, would you be able to make that choice? Be careful, because you can jeopardize your friendship if you answer incorrectly!

This is exactly what happened to TWICE’s Nayeon, who had to choose between Momo and Jeonen. Who do you think she chose?

In TWICE’s recently released video blog dedicated to their latest comeback, “Talk That Talk,” the young women can be seen in the music show’s waiting room.

Jeongyeon first asked Nayeon what her ideal partner would look like, and then asked her to choose between her and Momo!

Having learned her lesson first, Nayeon gave the best answer. She explained that depending on her appearance or personality, her answer would be different.

She didn’t want to answer at first, but eventually said, “I like Jeongyeon’s looks. She makes me feel everything. »

But Momo heard everything! She suddenly exclaimed, “What? Does she make you feel everything? surprises Naen.

But Naen hasn’t finished his explanation yet! She then said that when it comes to personality, she would choose Momo as she would like to have a girl she would take care of.

“If I were a man… I like to take care of people. Momo! »

We can say that she saved the situation!


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