Jenny Mollen, a graduate of the TV series “Girls”: What do I have in my lunchbox?


Lunch break pros! As Jenny Mollen prepares to send her two sons back to school in the fall, she has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to cooking their lunches.

Famous moms told what is in their children’s lunchboxes

“I approach cooking dinners as if it’s a drawing by numbers project,” the 43—year-old author of the Dictator Lunches cookbook, who shares 8-year-old Sid and 4-year-old Lazlo with her husband Jason Biggs, told Us Weekly. “I fully believe that children’s lunches push the boundaries. “Even fastidious eaters may be forced to try something new.”

Mollen, who married the 44-year-old “American Pie” star in 2008, has constantly tried to inspire her boys to add nutrients to their family meals, even though the coronavirus pandemic has become a problem.

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“I’ve always been a supporter of healthy food, but in the middle of quarantine, I thought: “Would you like to try something called fast food?” And my son’s head exploded,” a Girls graduate told us earlier in August. 2020. “He’s like this:”Wait, are you kidding? Hold on, hold on. Does the toy go with him?”

She added: “I don’t have time to be creative [in isolation], because this is the next meal. My children, for example, want to eat every 15 minutes, so I don’t do much, for example, building towers of French toast or something like that.”

Despite Sid and Lazlo’s recent addiction to fast food, Mollen still strives to add healthy ingredients to his dishes.

“I try to include a lot of fruits and vegetables in their diet and make it fun and interesting,” the Arizona native told us at the time. “I think [kids] should eat what you eat, but I really think it’s funny, like making it convincing by telling a story with it. So I’m doing it a little bit, but really I’m just trying to survive! It was a real experience.”

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The writer of the “City of Likes” unpacks a metal lunch box for her children and tells what Sid and Lazlo can expect every day:

Getting a Trick

“I use a cookie cutter to turn the sun butter and jelly [sandwich] into a main event, similar to a Linzer cake,” Mollen said.

Great and fun

The actress added: “Hard-boiled eggs can be boring, but with the help of stupid knife work they can be turned into flower arrangements on a bed of greenery.”

Snack Attack

As a side dish, Mollen chooses fruits, vegetables, grain-free crackers with Top Seedz seeds and a “bribe”, which may include adding a couple of lollipops to a portion of Babybel cheese so that it resembles a ninja.

Dictator Lunches will go on sale on September 13.


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