Jenny Han reflects on the All Boys finale and the upcoming Netflix spin-off XO Kitty


One of the first films in this recent revival of the romantic comedy genre was to All the Guys I Used to Love from Netflix, which adapted Jenny Han’s bestseller and effectively made its young stars, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, big names. Now that “All the Boys” has turned into a trilogy, and its author has made an upcoming spin-off called XO, Kitty, Khan is reflecting on his journey of streaming adaptation.

Jenny Han has just been the showrunner of the movie “The Summer Where I Became Beautiful,” which is an adaptation of her first youth novel before she wrote “All Boys.” During a conversation with CinemaBlend, the bestselling author shared her thoughts on the completion of the trilogy of films “All Boys”, saying the following:

In some ways it seems like it’s been longer than [a year]. Partly because the third film came out during COVID — that’s why we couldn’t do a big premiere and a big send-off. But it was a really enjoyable experience. And I was lucky that I was able to tell this story with these actors and this whole creative team. But I’m also excited to see the next chapter with Kitty.

The main series of All The Boys films ended in February 2021, giving Lara Jean Covey, played by Lana Condor, the end of her high school love story with Peter Kavinsky, which began with personal letters that reached her lovers. In the trilogy, Lara Jean and Peter decided to stay together despite the distance in college. Following the success of these films, Jenny Han developed an additional XO series, Kitty, which revolves around the exciting scene of Lara Jean’s younger sister, played by Anna Cathcart. Han spoke of XO, Kitty, in these words:

For HO Kitty. I approached it as if I was going to make another book for Kitty, what kind of story would I like to tell? And that was my starting point.

XO, Kitty will tell Kitty Covey’s first love story and mark the first time Jenny Han has created a screen project that wasn’t taken from a beloved novel released in advance. When CinemaBlend asked the author how this process differs and whether we can expect a novel by XO, Kitty, she said the following:

Probably not. I mean, never say never, but I think it works really well as a TV show, and I think people will be excited to see Kitty grow up and meet her at the same age as Lara Jean, which I think is always fun when you grow up with someone- to come back and see them a little older.

It will be interesting to tune in to the series as soon as it is released in streaming mode and finds a slot for release on the dates of the Netflix television premiere. Before we see what happens next with the All The Boys franchise on Netflix, Jenny Han’s “The Summer I Turned Into a Beauty” has already arrived on Amazon Prime and has even been renewed for season 2.

During the adaptation of “The Summer I Painted,” Jenny Han talked to CinemaBlend about changing some elements of her book, which she wrote more than a decade ago, to make it more diverse, for example, by adding more attention to her main character, who comes from an Asian-American family. The Summer in which I became Beautiful tells the story of a teenage girl who goes on her annual summer vacation to the house of a family friend and finds herself in a love triangle between two brothers. The show, which is currently streaming on Amazon, also includes an incredible soundtrack full of Taylor Swift songs.

Jenny Han has expanded her presence in streaming over the past four years, being a part of it, and it looks like she’s ready to give us even more pleasure from coming of age.