Jennifer Lopez victim of sexual harassment: a director asked him to reveal his chest …


Jennifer Lopez speaks for the first time and says she was sexually harassed during a shoot. Fortunately thanks to her experience in the community she managed to get away from it!

More and more women are putting aside their fear of speaking and languages ​​are loosening around the world. Jennifer Lopez reveals to have been a victim of sexual harassment. So in a Hollywood Reporter issue, she squeezed everything on this embarrassing moment. It all started when she met the director of a film whose name she did not reveal. The latter asked him to show him his chest, a request that she immediately refused.

“He wanted to see my breasts,” said the 50-year-old star. J Lo would have reacted instantly without waiting a moment longer. “I thought, ‘We’re not on the set,’ so I said ‘no,’ and I got up.” The actress has character and did not let herself go, unlike other women have not had a chance.

In this same interview Jennifer Lopez talked about her latest movie “Hustlers”. In this film Alex Rodriguez’s fiance plays the role of a stripper. She explains that this role was for her very scary and embarrassing at times. Like pole dancing in front of 300 extras, “all men! She says.

Indeed, there are more complicated roles than others where you have to put your apprehensions aside. But Jennifer Lopez is not afraid of anything and stops at no obstacles for them her roles and her trials allow her to grow up and be who she is today! This case of sexual harassment she has only revealed it now, without even mentioning the name or even the film.