Jennifer Lopez teaches them and everyone is speechless Look at them!


It’s been a long time since every time Jennifer Lopez uploads a photo to her social networks, all of her followers are breathless.

And is that the Bronx diva has earned every sigh that is taken for her, you can not have curves like that, should be prohibited.

Many familiar faces have made Instagram their way and life and their way of expanding business, or starting a project that revolves around their face and figure. You just have to see Kim Kardashian, who has built an entire empire with her as a total claim of the brands she represents.

Photographs wearing garments from certain designers or lending their faces to a brand can make them charge more than a million dollars, figures available to very few, only accessible to the queen of social networks, friend Kim.

But the phenomenon of it girls goes beyond their own networks. His fans are in charge of publishing images of his famous favorites and helping his cash registers keep adding zeroes.

In the case of Jennifer López we are talking about hundreds of fan accounts in which they usually share known and not-so-known images that the singer publishes in her account or that the media publishes, something like an involuntary recovery of photos of the artist who although she does not authorize, they are not used for anything other than remembering how wonderful and perfect it is.

It seems that fans have a predilection to see her in sportswear and whenever they can look for a snapshot of her in the gym, and that is that the abs that Puerto Ricans have are not even from this world, how do you notice all the physical work that does!

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Between Kim and JLo they share the highest income pie, as far as network advertising is concerned, how lucky are some.


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