Jennifer Lopez superb: this total white look that suits her perfectly! (PHOTO)


Jennifer Lopez seems happier than ever at the start of 2020. The singer is superb on Instagram, something to delight her fans!

Jennifer Lopez is superb in her last post. She also announced good news to her community! We will explain everything to you !

Jennifer Lopez is preparing for the Super Bowl. First of all, the young woman is going to live one of the most important moments of her career. Indeed, la bomba latina has accomplished a lot in her life! So, she sold millions of albums around the world. In addition, she has starred in many successful films like Huslers. His performance earned him the nomination for the Golden Globes. She looked great on the red carpet!

However, Jennifer Lopez never made the Super Bowl show. Thus, the singer intends to follow in the footsteps of BeyoncĂ©, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars or Coldplay. Indeed, these artists set on fire during their passage. Nevertheless, the challenge seems difficult, but the Latin bomba has not said its last word! Plus, she’s not going to be alone! Shakira will also sing alongside him. The colors of Latin America will shine next February!

Jennifer Lopez posted a new photo of herself on Instagram. First of all, the singer is wearing a white top and jeans of the same color! In addition, she chose to wear heeled boots. She is superb. However, this post is used to announce the new challenge of the star on TikTok. She wants her fans to have fun on her flagship title Dance on the Floor!

Jennifer Lopez can count on the support of her family and two children. In addition, her fiancĂ© Alex Rodriguez will indeed be present at this long-awaited event! Besides, the young woman risks wearing superb outfits. Her fans hope she will wear her Jungle dress by Versace. Indeed, it suits him to delight! For the moment, the star is preparing, because she will have to insure in front of 100 million viewers! We can’t wait to see the Super Bowl final!


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