Jennifer Lopez reveals her wide cleavage on Instagram


While she has been under the spotlight for a few days, Jennifer Lopez posted herself very radiant on Instagram! Saturday February 8, Jennifer Lopez appeared more radiant than ever on Instagram.

Obviously, Jennifer Lopez does not seem concerned by the crisis of the fifties! After causing a sensation during an incredible show for the Superbowl final, the international singer has shown herself more and more sexy . Her physique and attitude even caused controversy during the 54th season of the American football championship.

As a reminder, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira increased the temperature by dancing in very sexy outfits. But also very tight. The stars put on a big show. In which they twerked and danced provocatively. They also climbed on a pole dance bar. An attitude which was therefore the subject of a legal proceeding by a Christian activist. The man then calls for the degradation of the image of the woman. She even equates this to pornography.

But Jennifer Lopez doesn’t care about these accusations ! The beautiful latina therefore revealed her wide neckline on Instagram. A harmless photo or a simple provocation? Internet users wonder. But, no one can deny the beauty of this woman! For years, the beautiful brunette knew how to preserve her goddess body. So why not show it?

Indeed, the future wife of Alex Rodriguez is very elegant in a black dress, very fitted. It therefore suggests its beautiful curves. And her plunging neckline. The mother also wears a pretty set that decorates her look. And her fans lose their heads. The comments are therefore very positive: “ I don’t understand why people say bad things about you. Or criticize your performance at the Superbowl. You are beautiful (…) My husband agrees with me ”.


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