Jennifer Lopez very proud: Her son Maximilian goes on stage


Jennifer Lopez very proud her son Maximilian goes on stage 1000. Like all mothers, Jennifer Lopez attends her son Maximilian’s school performance. She is sharing this moment on Instagram!

Being a mom also means attending your child’s school performance! Jennifer Lopez did not want to miss the scene of her son Maximilian . Very proud, she shares it with her subscribers. MCE reveals the video to you.

When it’s not her who goes on stage, it’s her son! Besides, Maximilian will he eventually take over from Jennifer Lopez ? In any case, it looks good! Indeed, the 11-year-old boy already takes the microphone to do the show . And he already looks very comfortable!

In general, schools love to organize a show. First, it pleases children. But in addition, the parents are very proud of it! It is certainly not Jennifer Lopez who will say the opposite !

Sitting in the audience, the latter then films this beautiful moment! Besides, Emme’s twin interprets the role of a Munchkin, a very small character in the Wizard of Oz. Alone on the front of the stage, Maximilian hums a famous song . Everyone cheers!

We can say that Jennifer Lopez is a fulfilled mother, but above all very proud. The proof ! The latter hastened to publish the scene of her son on her Instagram account. In the description of her publication, JLO comments: “Little Munchkin. ♥ ️ #MagicienDOZ #mamanfiere »

And the video did not go unnoticed by its fans! In just ten hours, Jennifer Lopez’s video gets three million views. Besides, internet users wanted to compliment Maximilian. “Wow, his voice is great! How cute, ” wrote a fan. Another responds: “He’s a star”!

Definitely, Maximilian already seems to be very successful! Will he want to follow the same career as his mom ? For the moment, the singer does not want them to grow too fast! Six days ago, the latter published a photo of them, still in the cradle. “I know you are 12 years old today, but you will always be my babies,” said JLO.


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