Jennifer Lopez had to be picked up by her dancers in the middle of the show. What happened to her?


The artist was doing her best in this show.

Jennifer Lopez ended up ironically on the floor, as the artist was singing the song “On the floor”, and while doing her choreography she had to be raised by her dancers.

Those who shook hands and helped rejoin the show. But everything was recorded in the video shown below.

Singer 50 years , wearing a gorgeous red dress with long boots of the same tone and as always, JLo is well accompanied by her dancers.

The truth is that in the middle of the song, and as part of the dance, the singer ends up crawling like a feline! A goddess!

But at the time of standing to continue with the show, she needed to be helped by her muscular dancers, who lifted her up like nothing else.

JLo choreographies are impeccable, and this is no exception. It is that with more than 20 years of artistic career, she knows very well what she does.

In addition, she is one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment world and with more followers than any, she causes a sensation where she puts her presence.


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