Jennifer Lopez pays a wonderful tribute to her mom! (VIDEO)


Jennifer Lopez is very close to her mother. The singer therefore decided to pay tribute to her by publishing a nice video. We let you discover his tender declaration!

For Jennifer Lopez, family is sacred! Indeed, the 50-year-old woman does not forget where she comes from. And despite his career, the star spends a lot of time with his family. But that’s not all ! The bomb often pays homage to loved ones on social media. She doesn’t hesitate to write sublime messages and share family photos.

Yesterday, the singer decided to put the light on her mom. She thus published a video for her birthday. We can discover a moving sequence where Jennifer Lopez invites her mother on stage. And the latter knows her daughter’s chorea by heart. Unbelievable ! We now know where the singer’s energy comes from.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t stop there! The artist then writes a very touching text for the attention of his mother. “People often ask me where my rhythm and my dance steps come from. Well you know now! (…) I’ve always seen him dance, laugh. She loves music, cinema, musicals … and gave me all of that. ” The star then goes on to wish her mother a happy birthday “You are 74 years old today, and still as beautiful and alive. Happy birthday, force of nature ”.

This tender message melted the internet users. It must be said that Jennifer Lopez is very touching. Its publication has garnered over 1 million likes. Her fans joined her in wishing Guadalupe Rodriguez a happy birthday. No doubt, the woman is not likely to forget this moment anytime soon.


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