Jennifer Lopez of Kylie Jenner makes an impact on jeans


Alex Rodríguez’s fiancee, Jennifer López looked like a young girl and just like Kylie Jenner showed off how to look good in jeans

Al más puro estilo Kylie Jenner, Jennifer López impacta en jeans(AP)

Spectacular! As if the years did not pass through her, the beautiful singer Jennifer López impressed on Instagram with a photograph in which she looks like a young girl and asks nothing of Kylie Jenner.

The post on her official Instagram account quickly brought to mind Kylie Jenner, as she recently shared photos in the same style and jeans.

Jennifer López found that at 51 years of age, this is still a number since she can be compared to the socialite and succeed. Alex Rodríguez’s fiancée wore a two-piece outfit in which the singer showed off her steel abdomen.

High-waisted blue jeans and a short white top were the accomplices of the Bronx Diva to show that she looks more spectacular than ever. Jlo complemented her outfit with her loose and tousled light hair and an expression that will remind many of the Kardashians.

Recently the singer and actress became news by sharing her collaboration in not one, but two songs with Maluma.

Jennifer López and the Pretty Boy decided to pamper their most fervent followers with Pa’Ti and Lonely, both themes fused in the same video with which they drove many crazy.
Both gave small tastes of what would be the union of their talents and the result was a resounding success.

The voices and movements of both is something special, besides that they brought out their most romantic side in the scenes. These collaborations arose from their work together in a production: Marry Me.

The recordings of this film gave much to talk about, as images of the most romantic singers began to emerge and many wondered what was happening with the former baseball player, Alex Rodríguez. Fortunately, it quickly became clear that these were scenes both of them were filming for this story.

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In Marry Me there is a lot of love and music involved and the followers of Maluma and Jennifer López are more than eager to see them together again.

On the other hand, although they already live as a whole family, many wonder when the marriage of JLo and Alex Rodríguez will take place. As many know, the engagement of the famous couple was huge news, as well as that everything would be postponed, the third party in contention? The coronavirus was the one who got in the way of their plans.

Apparently in different regions of the world health measures are already being relaxed, so it could be that they will surprise us very soon.

Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez have an incredible relationship, even with their former partners, with whom they have been seen. JLo has shown to have a beautiful friendship relationship with Marc Anthony through his children Esme and Maximilian; while on the other hand, the family also lives with the daughter of the former baseball player. Apparently their children have been able to bear with maturity the fact that their parents now have other partners and they, their partners with everything and ex.

JLo began her career from below, she struggled to be a professional dancer and began to expand her talents, currently developing as a businesswoman, producer, singer, actress and her most important role: being a mother.

At 51 years of age, she has shown that age is just a myth, since she is capable of wearing any garment, and even in the absence of anyone and looking really spectacular; in addition to continuing in force in the entertainment world despite the passage of time.


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