Jennifer Lopez Could Not Contain Her Emotion And Cried Live


“Broken in tears!” Jennifer Lopez could not contain her emotion and cried live. The singer was invited to the program “The Tonight Show”.

Jennifer Lopez continues to talk after her consecration in the “Super Bowl 2020”, where she shared the stage with Shakira at the halftime show.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show”, the singer could not contain her emotion and shed some tears live, remembering her presentation of the famous event.

“I get excited because we work so hard. We started working since November and since then we rehearse every day. It’s a short time, you know, there’s a lot to put in that moment, “said the actress of ‘Hustlers’ .

On the other hand, Jennifer took the moment to thank the production people: “There are hundreds of people… They put all that great stage in just seven minutes, and suddenly you enter to break it big, it’s really crazy. I’m simply very grateful because everyone liked it, that’s why I cry, ”she said through tears.

According to the pop star, in her presentation she tried to pay tribute to everything she learned in the film production, ‘Hustlers’, where she plays a dancer, so some pole dance movements had to learn them for filming.

“That was my little nod to ‘Hustlers’, it was like… Well, I learned a few things, let me see what I can put on the show. I felt that it was a very powerful movement, it was like… Look, without hands! “, Said the artist .

For the lucky artists who participate in this famous event, the show means a before and after in their career. And apparently, Jennifer Lopez felt it that way, which would explain her emotion as she remembered it.


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