Jennifer Lopez: her mask is a real fashion accessory!


Singer Jennifer Lopez makes her mask a real fashion accessory! We give you more details. Artist Jennifer Lopez never takes off her mask, which has become a true fashion accessory.

The health crisis forces us all to wear protective masks to prevent the spread of the virus. So the rule applies to everyone, including celebrities! Eh yes.

But when you are an international star, you are no longer satisfied with the simple surgical mask. Especially since its blue color does not often match our outfits.

But that’s without counting on the fabric masks, which have become a real fashion accessory! Besides, singer Jennifer Lopez is very good to wear her mask as an accessory.

So much so that the young woman is sometimes unrecognizable when she wears her mask. Jennifer Lopez wears it with style, as evidenced by a photo taken of her earlier in December on the streets of Los Angeles.


Thus, the pretty 51-year-old singer almost went unnoticed with her outfit. The young woman wore a black and white plaid dress.

Jennifer Lopez wears a Christian Dior hat and opted for a blue protective mask. This one is decorated with crystals and is signed MasQd.

The combination of the two accessories makes her face completely covered! Yep, she’s unrecognizable with this outfit. In her hand, Jennifer Lopez wears a bag of the same brand as her headwear.

On the jewelry side, the pretty artist Jennifer Lopez has opted for a Hermès bracelet that goes perfectly with her black and white outfit. During this appearance, the beautiful woman showed that she can have a lot of class while respecting the sanitary rules.

What give a good example to its thousands of fans who follow it very closely. We fully validate!


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