Jennifer Lopez gives her cell phone number to all of her followers on Twitter


Call me please! Jennifer Lopez gives her cell phone number to all of her followers on Twitter. Do you already have it? The artist wanted to share it with everyone.

If this year 2020 has something, it is that celebrities want to be the number one in everything, the most seen, the most liked, most of all for that they do very crazy things to get attention, Jennifer for example.

Now the famous has done something that has shaken all of her fans and those who have not too and that is that she has given her cell phone number to all her followers on the Twitter account.

Jennifer López is one of the most watched and followed artists from all over the world thanks to her music, her talent and of course she is at her great body, she has wanted to dazzle everyone.

Lopez has done it this time by giving the number of his cell phone that is the one that appears on the postcard and his fans have begun to add it as crazy. We do not know if you answered or not.

The truth is that we had not seen any artist of the size of the American giving his number so lightly, but here it is. His fans can’t believe it.

The singer on her Twitter account placed a subtle “write me” next to the biography, inviting all the followers to communicate with her by private contact.

The diva wants this year to start with everything and for this she has done something that no artist did to date. So if you want to talk to her just write to her.


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