Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Wants to Making a Movie Together


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Wants to Making a Movie Together.

Even though the entertainer and baseball hero traveled in the same circles for years, they started seeing each other as romantic only in 2017. It has been a hurricane since then.

From the epic moments of PDA and red carpets to their stunningly blended families and marriages, it is clear that these two are a match made in heaven. One of the cutest and fascinating elements of their relationship is Rodriguez’s constant support for Lopez.

Although they have epic places and time to not work together, Lopez and Rodriguez are very nice to work with. The two now want to put the movie together.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s first date

They met in the 90s, when Rodrgiez was rookie, and they always called Lopez, but the glow didn’t officially meet until 2005. Later in 2017, the couple found it for dinner one day after a chance encounter, but former Yankee wasn’t really sure it was a date at the time.

“He wаs sitting there in his white shirt, very confident аnd mаnly, but then he wаs just so tаlkаtive,” Lopez explаined to Vаnity Fаir. ” I think he thought I wаs going to be this loud person, but I’m not. I just listen. So he’s tаlking, tаlking аbout his plаns, аbout how he hаd just retired from bаsebаll, аbout how he sаw himself getting mаrried аgаin, аll these things you wouldn’t normаlly tаlk аbout on а first dаte. I don’t know if he thought it wаs а dаte. I thought it wаs а dаte. Then I knew he wаs nervous becаuse he аsked me if I wаnted а drink. I sаid, “No, I don’t drink,” аnd he аsked if I minded if he hаd one. He wаs nervous, аnd it wаs reаlly cute.”

Alex Rodriguez supports Jennifer Lopez

From the surprising and funny TikTok, which is currently burning on the Internet, it is clear that the former Yankee loved, supported and valued Lopez, for his pep talks and his wonderful appreciation messages he shared on his social media accounts.

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez want to do film together
In addition to their upcoming wedding, Rodriguez and Lopez did not want to evaluate their J. Rod brvend. The two do not want to make a movie together. “Alex is a pretty good tractor, although there is only a little bit on you,” RADAR told Online. “He is excited that J.Lo should make a Mr. and Mrs. Smith flick; this hopes to bury the ghost of his movie Gigli movie once and then first of all. “Jennifer and A-Rod are determined to continue developing their” J-Rod “and others, and they understand that there’s something better in a Roman comedy.”

We would love to see this.


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