Jennifer Lopez is 50, more toned than ever


At 50, song star Jennifer Lopez reveals on Instagram an incredibly toned and body!

The singer will still be jealous! Sunday, February 16, Jennifer Lopez, who is 50 , revealed a photo of her very toned in bikini and without makeup on her Instagram account. An absolutely incredible shot!

Jennifer Lopez is not cold in the eyes ! Two days after celebrating a more romantic Valentine’s Day with her partner Alex Rodriguez, the star posted a photo of her on Instagram. Indeed, the singer appears good than ever, sharpened in a very low-cut white bikini .

On Instagram, Jennifer Lopez has therefore raised the temperature! And for good reason, through this shot, she reveals an absolutely perfect body! Thus, in addition to the long tapered legs and its incredible buttocks, JLO can now boast of having abs in concrete ! At 50, she therefore exalts with a body entirely sculpted in marble. Not to mention that the star, very sure of herself, chose to pose without makeup. We love !

Warm ahead! When we see this crazy body, we understand better the last performance of Jennifer Lopez ! Indeed, the singer literally broke the internet during her show for the halftime of SuperBowl 2020 . The latter in great shape, offered more than 100 million people, a breathtaking spectacle. A show since critically acclaimed!

Today with this shot, it is now her body that her fans dub. As proof, many glowing comments were posted under the photo . The singer Lenny Kravitz and the musician Diplo are thus in awe of her forms. While for her part, the model Naomi Campbell reacted with a simple but no less evocative “OMG”. For their part, the fans are not outdone. ” I want the same body at 50! “,” When I thought I had made progress in sport, she gave me complexes! “Or” But how does she do at 50 ” ? could we read.

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