Jennifer Lawrence sleeps weekly with Hollywood celebrities


The Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence has earned her hard work over the last few years, for that reason she has personally taken care of cultivating it, fame as a party girl and having the odd extra drink during those home celebrations to which her best guests invite her. friends from show business, like the Kardashian clan, or that she organizes herself.

Those who have come to think that her brand-new married condition and the serious and discreet reputation of Cooke Maroney, the art dealer she married at the end of last year, might have calmed her down a bit in that regard, they are wrong. completely. And is that the Hollywood star continues to organize “pajama parties” almost weekly that, among other things, force her husband to sleep in the guest room.

“The problem with these meetings is that you never know when they will end. The other day a friend came to spend the night with me and the truth is that it was not something that we had planned this time. In the end we both slept in my bed and my husband had to go to the guest room. But she doesn’t care, she knows exactly how these things work, “the 30-year-old artist joked in her appearance this week on the podcast ‘Absolutely Not.

Fortunately for her, those bad omens that both she and her friends had about their future lifestyle in the framework of marriage have not been fulfilled, since they try to meet as often as possible and do not cut a hair to time to make the most of the night. “We were afraid that things were going to change, but they have not. It’s that with my best friends I’ve always had that kind of relationship. We love a good pajama party! ”She proudly stated.

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