Jennifer Lawrence returns in new Netflix production


Jennifer Lawrence will be the protagonist in “Don´t Look Up”, the new production of the platform, which promises an interesting and compelling interstellar plot

Regresa a los filmes, Jennifer Lawrence, en nueva producción de Netflix(INSTAGRAM)

Netflix has acquired the long-awaited Adam McKay comedy, starring the acclaimed and talented Jennifer Lawrence, “Don’t Look Up” is the story of two astronomers who must go on a colossal media tour to alert humanity to an asteroid that going to destroy the planet.

So yes, Lawrence’s “vacation” is over, and according to local press reports her co-star will be Rob Morgan, while in the production and script will be Kevin Messick under the banner of McKay’s Hyperobject Industries, recognized for works like “The Big Short” (The great bet) and “Vice” (The Vice-president).

McKay, writer of the project, will also direct and produce through his company, along with Kevin Messick, McKay’s most recent film, “The Vice President: Beyond Power,” received eight Oscar nominations, as well, in 2016 , McKay won an Academy Award, BAFTA, and WGA for Best Adapted Screenplay with his co-author, Charles Randolph, for “The Big Short.”

Similarly, Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in “Destiny Games,” and was nominated for three other statuettes for “Joy: The Name of Success,” “American Scandal” and “Deep Winter.”

Recently, the latest film by acclaimed theater director Lila Neugebauer for A24 and Scott Rudin Productions, which she starred in and produced alongside Justine Polsky with their company, Excellent Cadaver, has recently finished. Following “Don’t Look Up,” Lawrence will star in and produce “Mob Girl,” under the direction of Paolo Sorrentino for Universal Pictures as part of Excellent Cadaver’s first-choice deal and collaboration with Makeready.

And, for his part, the director in a recent interview mentioned that he is truly excited to work with an actress of the stature of Jennifer: “I am very excited to make this movie with Jen Lawrence. She is what people in the century XVII used to call an act of dynamite, “McKay said in a press release.

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Likewise, he added: “And the fact that Netflix sees this film as an international comedy sets the bar very high for me and my team and, at the same time, it excites and motivates us.”

Scott Stuber, Director of the Netflix Original Movies team, said: “Adam has always been more than timely in developing clever, relevant and irreverent films that describe our culture. So even if he predicted even the disappearance of planet Earth, we would love to add his story to our catalog before the end ”.

In the same talk, the filmmaker added: “Rob has a presence that dominates like hell, but with his feet on the ground. I am delighted that he agreed to do ‘Don’t Look Up’ with us.

And although, we know that, due to the contingency, the recordings ended up being paused, at the moment they are about to resume, of course, with all the health measures that have been specified.

Likewise, the first months of the year, Jennifer and her new husband, were refugees at home, but for several weeks they went out to the outside world in a kind of “honeymoon” where romantic outings are common.

The couple married at the end of last year in an intimate ceremony attended by only their family and closest friends, so it is not surprising that Jennifer Lawrence and the gallery owner are in that phase of marriage that is more like a formal courtship: they are forming a home with a document that supports that union.


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