Jennifer Lawrence looks like compared to Anna Kournikova


Actress Jennifer Lawrence appears to be the twin of singer Enrique Iglesias’s wife Anna Kournikova, a photo appeared on the Internet in which they look identical

Comparan a Jennifer Lawrence con Anna Kournikova parecen gemelas(Instagram)

As you well know, the American-born actress Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most recognized celebrities in Hollywood, her beauty is unique, however there is a photograph on the Internet in which she could easily pass for Anna Kournikova’s twin sister.

Jennifer Lawrence shared in a publication in which four impressive photographs appear, because she is wearing a two-piece swimsuit in black, the Hollywood actress has surprised her fans who do not stop commenting on these snapshots.

Tano Lawrence and Kournikova, they are happily married, surely you know Ana’s husband, he is the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, an artist known internationally for his songs and his long career, both apparently met in the music video that the singer recorded in which Ana was his model.

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Both blondes and with quite attractive figures meet the expectations of millions, however they are no longer single, they live happily and in love with their family, as for Jennifer, she commented in her description that she had never shared these types of photographs, perhaps she did not feel comfortable with her body, which when reading it is surprising because in some of her papers we have seen her show off her body like never before.

Perhaps it is not the same to have so much production around than just uploading these photos to your personal Instagram account in which you have just under half a million followers, the beautiful 30-year-old actress wrote:

I have never posted these photos before because I always felt a bit uncomfortable but I was reading an accompanying interview and Jennifer said she was excited to take these photos and look ‘sexy’ so I took that as permission to post them lol “, Jennifer said.

Her followers quickly began to tell her that she was extremely beautiful, words that perhaps would make any woman blush and especially in different languages ​​because Jennifer not only has fans in the United States, but around the world thanks to her fame and her leading roles in different projects.

Of course, the followers of both are not limited to the compliments for each one, and although they probably have different followers, they most likely agree that they are beautiful.

Unlike the protagonist of “The Hunger Games” Ana Kournikova has more followers on Instagram just over one million 600 thousand followers.

The beautiful 39-year-old Russian former tennis player and model was born in Moscow, Russia, however, her residence is in the United States because she left her country of origin when she was only 9 years old, she currently lives next to her husband and her two twins and a third baby who was recently born.

Enrique Iglesias has been Ana’s partner since 2001, where they met when recording the song “Escape” so much was the chemistry between them that they decided to start a relationship in 2017, their twins, Nicholas and Lucy, were born in January of this year their third daughter was born whom they named Mary.

Although Ana and Jennifer do not have much in common, it is really entertaining to see and make comparisons with their similarities and not only between celebrities and personalities of the show but with any public figure or common person, there are Instagram accounts that are dedicated to making comparisons.

Although the Russian model no longer plays tennis in her prime, she was considered one of the best players in the world.

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