Jennifer Garner, boyfriend John Miller’s relationship is “very different” from the romance of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez


Her boyfriend! Jennifer Garner and John Miller’s relationship is stronger than ever, even if they are much more depressed than her ex-husband Ben Affleck and his fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

“It’s very different from Ben and J.Lo’s relationship. You’ll never see them fixating on cameras or fixating on what events to attend together, it’s just not their style.”

The insider adds: “They are happier being an ordinary, inconspicuous couple, and they don’t need anyone’s confirmation to know that they are destined to be together. It doesn’t mean they’re attacking others, it’s just that it’s not them.”

The 13 Going on 30 star, 50, broke up with Affleck, 49, with whom she has daughters Violet, 16, Serafina, 13, and son Samuel, 10, in 2015 after 10 years of marriage. They finalized their divorce in October 2018. Later that month, a source told us that Garner had been dating 44-year-old Miller for six months.

“Jen brings out the best in John, and he’s probably the happiest he’s ever been,” an insider told Us at the time, adding, “It’s a loving, healthy relationship.”

However, their romance was not without drama, as Miller was legally still married to his estranged wife Caroline Campbell when he started dating a pseudonym graduate. (Miller and Campbell, who have two children together, finalized their divorce in November 2018.)

Garner and Miller briefly broke up in August 2020, but the time-out was not due to a lack of romance. “He was ready for marriage, and she just couldn’t do it,” a source told us at the time. The couple reconciled less than a year later and has been growing stronger ever since.

“Jen’s friends are happy that she found a nice guy who treats her well,” says a Us insider. “They trust her judgment, and John certainly has a permanent and positive impact on her life.”

The source adds that Miller is head over heels in love with Garner. “John is so loving and caring, but not overbearing,” the source notes. “He gives Jen space when she needs it, but he’s always there when things go bad or she’s set up for something spontaneous. They spent some wonderful vacations together… this is one of their main things.”

Affleck and 52-year-old Lopez, for their part, also got a second chance at love. Almost 18 years after the cancellation of their engagement in 2004, the director of Argo proposed to the singer Let’s Get Loud again in April. At the time, a source told us that he informed Garner and their children about the offer “in advance.”

In the same month, the Valentine’s Day actress and CaliBurger CEO took a big step in their relationship by introducing their children to each other for the first time. “It was casual and easy,” an insider told Us.