Jennifer Garner Accidentally Sat Next to One of Her Movie Husbands on The Plane, and They Clearly Took a Picture Together


Despite the fact that celebrities lead a very different life than the rest of us, most of them also have to do all the same ordinary things as the rest of us. Thus, it’s not uncommon for people to see celebrities at theme parks or other common places people go to, such as airports and shops. This often means that celebrities have to hide if they want to be overlooked. We see how photos of one of us, ordinary people, with a celebrity, whom they met just doing their lives, have gone viral. By coincidence, sometimes celebrities themselves have celebrities, as recently happened with Jennifer Garner when she ran into her ex-husband on screen Edgar Ramirez.

Jennifer Garner played husband and wife in the Netflix movie “Yes, a Day” last year, so they know each other well. But Garner was clearly surprised to discover when she boarded a plane recently that the man she was sitting next to was her former film partner. The actress posted a picture of the couple on the screen on Instagram.

Sometimes people randomly bump into celebrities in unexpected places, for example, finding themselves getting a marriage certificate next to Ben Affleck and J.Lo, and sometimes people bump into old friends in unexpected places. I believe that when you are a movie star, there is a good chance that both of these things can happen to you literally at the same moment.

Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez played husband and wife in the family film “Yes, a Day”, in which they are seen as parents who tend to say “no” to their children, and therefore develop a plan according to which mom and dad agree to say “yes” to everything their children ask. of them (of course, with some basic rules). The film also starred current Netflix star Jenna Ortega as one of the family’s children. She saw her parents together on the screen and was also struck by the coincidence, commenting on the picture “You’re kidding.”

Edgar Ramirez moved from Yes Day to the role of the villain in the Disney movie “Jungle Cruise”. Jennifer Garner’s next project will be another Netflix movie, The Adam Project, which will give her another husband in the cinema in the person of Mark Ruffalo. The film will also reunite this couple, who first appeared together in 13 Going On 30.

It can be assumed that these two had a good flight to where they were going, and they needed to find out what was going on in their lives since they made the movie together. It can be fun to meet an old friend on a plane. If you don’t run out of topics to talk about, it can be awkward. I hope it wasn’t a very long flight.


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