Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi confides in her life!


In an interview with Télé Loisirs, Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi (Un si grand soleil) made several confidences about her life!

Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi has managed to make herself known thanks to her role in Un si grand soleil. The young woman plays the role of Davia Levy. The latter is known to be a waitress of the Indians. But that’s not all.

Davia Levy is also Alex’s sister (Such a Big Sun). However, this is not the first time that Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi has taken the stage. Indeed, she has already acted in plays but also short films.

Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi (Un si grand soleil) also played in Household Scene, Alice Nevers but also Clem. And his film career is not about to end. In an interview with Télé Loisirs, the pretty blonde gave more information about her life.

The beauty said, “I took over my grandfather’s name five years ago. I wanted to be called Jennifer Bracconi to keep the name of my Corsican maternal grandfather alive. Who is the last Bracconi in the family ”.

She also added: “But I had already started my career. So it would have been weird to take Dubourg away. So I added Bracconi “. The young woman looks really good in the south of France. But she prefers Paris.

Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi (Un si grand soleil) revealed: “I lived in Biarritz, I did my CM1 (…) I can’t stand the calm and all my life is in Paris: my friends, my acquaintances “.

Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi (Un si grand soleil) confides in her life!


Regarding a little anecdote, the So Big Sun actress revealed, “I don’t have my driver’s license. I tried to pass it for 10 years, missed it six times “. A pretty funny little story.

In the next few months, however, the actress Un si grand soleil will have her best moments. Indeed, she is going to give birth to a baby boy. And the least that can be said is that she seems to be really looking forward to it.

Regarding her pregnancy, Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi also told Télé Loisirs: “I’m on fire. I think this second trimester is the best time. I have three times more energy than usual. ”

She also added, “Even though I sleep three times as much too. I feel strong. I was lucky, even at the start I was in a bad mood but not too sick. Some foods did not fit anymore ”.

The Un si grand soleil actress also confessed: “I found the coffee disgusting but now it’s getting better.” Regarding her baby, she revealed, “He’s a little boy, scheduled for June 15th, a little Gemini.”

One thing’s for sure, Un si grand soleil fans can’t wait to meet Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi’s baby boy. It will take patience before its birth. Case to follow!


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