Jennifer Coolidge Is Excited About Preparing for Wild Shootouts at Shotgun Wedding


If you haven’t lived under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that the famous actress Jennifer Coolidge is going through hard times right now. This is largely due to her famous role in Mike White’s film “White Lotus”, which brought her countless awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe. Those fans who want to see more of her comedic cuts won’t have to wait long, as she has a supporting role in Jennifer Lopez’s new movie “Shotgun Wedding.” And she recently spoke to CinemaBlend about how she’s “thrilled” about preparing for the wild shootouts in the movie.

Although Shotgun Wedding (opens in new tab) is led by Jay Lo and Josh Duhamel (who replaced Armie Hammer after these allegations came to light), it is ultimately an ensemble project. Minor characters get enough time to chew through the scenery, including Jennifer Coolidge as Carol, the groom’s mother. As you can see in the video above, I had the honor to talk to a truly iconic movie and TV star ahead of the release of Shotgun Wedding on Amazon. When I asked about her big shooting scene (which was included in the trailer), she told me:

I was excited to find out that I was going to have a submachine gun in this movie. Although I knew it was a romantic comedy and all that. I like that there was a shooting scene in it. I have to tell you that there were a lot of steps, security. It was two months of shooting lessons every day after work. They were very meticulous.

Well, that’s it. It seems Jennifer Coolidge was too happy to become an action star during the filming of the movie “Shotgun Wedding”, where she was a neighbor of Lenny Kravitz. Although creating this epic shot required a ton of work from her and extra hours of work when the rest of the actors were busy during the day. And given the recent tragedies that have occurred on film sets, such careful supervision is remarkable.

I couldn’t help but mention to Jennifer Coolidge during our conversation that the release of “Shotgun Wedding” will take place shortly after the finale of the second season of “White Lotus”. In this episode, Coolidge was also involved in a shootout, which became an unforgettable episode that inspired countless memes.

Later, during our same conversation, Jennifer Coolidge told more about the intensive training that was required for her large sequence of machine gun shots. She joked about feeling like a target during the extra hours, saying:

I feel like they kind of knew who I was and wanted to make sure I didn’t screw up. Because I think I look like I screwed up or something. But there were a lot of lessons, and it all paid off. I didn’t blow up anyone.

Jennifer Coolidge using a submachine gun is just one hilariously wild moment that takes place during the 100-minute duration of “Shotgun Wedding.” The R-rated comedy tells about a quarreling couple (Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamal) trying to save their loved ones after their wedding was interrupted by armed militants. They clumsily fight with different opponents, although Jennifer Coolidge also did not miss the opportunity. And every line of dialogue she utters along the way is enjoyable (which is not surprising).

Shotgun Wedding will be available on Amazon on January 27. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2023 to plan your next movie.


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