Jennifer Coolidge Has Joined TikTok, Her First Post Is Amazing and Contains JLo


Jennifer Coolidge has been everywhere lately. Many people knew about her earlier from guest videos in “Two Girls on the Rocks”, very much wanted a hot dog in the films “Legally Blonde” and appeared in Christopher Guest’s pseudo-documentaries. But recently she has received a lot of attention thanks to her role as Tanya Mcquoyd in the HBO series “White Lotus”. Just when you think you can’t get enough of this comedic actress, Coolidge joined TikTok by posting her first adorable post featuring her Shotgun Wedding co-star Jay Lo.

All Jennifer Coolidge needs to do is talk, and fans will cling to her every word, as during her hilarious reading of “The Night Before Christmas” on Netflix. She can play a dolphin and people will buy tickets! The Cinderella Story actress is one of the many celebrities who have joined TikTok, and who better to play a cameo role in this entertaining video than her Shotgun Wedding co—star Jennifer Lopez? Take a look at the actress’ debut video below:


Trying out TikTok! 💋👀 @jlo

♬ Jenny from the Block (Bronx Remix – Edit) – Jennifer Lopez

As you can see, Jennifer Coolidge made room for two Jennies when she gave her own short verse reading of Jennifer Lopez’s iconic song “Jenny From the Block”. The camera then switches to a stunned J.Lo saying, “I like it. I really, really like it.” The “Marry Me” actress wasn’t the only one to do so, as the comments hailed their “queen” in the TikTok world. This video was released three days ago and she already has 1.7 million likes and 838 thousand subscribers. If the “White Lotus” helped her become popular among the modern generation, then TikTok will blow up her fans.

“White Lotus” brought Jennifer Coolidge her first set of major awards, such as her recent Emmy and Golden Globe Awards this year, but she can’t forget about the iconic roles that came before her. The 61-year-old actress once spoke about the love she has for well-known comedies such as “The Best Show” and “Legally Blonde.” And she can’t help but mention her role as Stifler’s mom in “American Pie” for helping her achieve MILF status. Just as Jennifer Lopez knows where she’s from, her friend Jenny hasn’t forgotten either.

Jennifer Coolidge’s last movie role is with Jennifer Lopez in the movie “Shotgun Wedding”, where she will play Lopez’s mother—in-law, who, along with the rest of the wedding guests, is taken hostage during her son’s wedding. But don’t worry too much about Coolidge’s character as she leads wild shootouts to better protect her family. Critical reviews of Shotgun Wedding may not have been generally positive, but the two Jennies have received plenty of outstanding praise for their roles.

Jennifer Coolidge and Jennifer Lopez received positive reviews from TikTok users and critics for their new film together. The praise of these two talented actresses will definitely continue in any project they work on. You can check out Shotgun Wedding with an Amazon Prime subscription on January 27.


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