Jennifer Aniston’s Review of the Year Includes Adam Sandler From The Filming of “Murder Mystery 2”


Looking forward is as natural as looking back, and actress Jennifer Aniston has just provided another example of why. By publishing a new video dedicated to her adventures in 2022, a glimpse of her Netflix sequel “Mysterious Murder 2” was added to the finished product. Moreover, this excitement comes with the appearance of Adam Sandler on the set of the film, which is eagerly awaited by those who have a Netflix subscription.

Sharing her big year on Instagram, Aniston put together a clip that had everything you’d expect. Baking at home, lots of COVID tests and festive champagne. But, as you will see in the video below, the Sandman soon appeared:

 Seeing Adam Sandler having fun seems to be the actor’s default position in recent years. “Murder Mystery 2” continues this tradition by featuring a smiling Sandler both on set and alongside Jennifer Aniston during their journey to make an even funnier and more mysterious film. Which, depending on when this new movie comes out, could be something we’ll see in the near future.

While what we’re talking about “Murder Mystery 2” doesn’t include the release date of the hotly anticipated sequel, we do know that Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s reunion wrapped up last April. The film’s Parisian setting may also be a clue to how much in this look back was related to Aniston’s upcoming detective story, as the Eiffel Tower was also part of the attractions featured in her holiday post.

Although perhaps the real mystery is the story of this new detective from Netflix. Despite what we’ve seen in this clip, what’s missing is just as remarkable. Secrecy is still the key to this project, as we still don’t see any new actors or detective duo Nick and Audrey Spitz on the streets of Paris. Although, to be honest, we probably should have expected this, given how the first part came out in 2019.

The record-breaking debut of “Murder Mystery” has shown that the original Netflix film has sparked calls for a sequel, despite the fact that it received less recent reviews after its release. This did not prevent fans from making another lush European romp with death and intrigue a priority. Since Sandler and Aniston are already part of a stable team of Netflix employees, who’s to say they won’t team up again after this new chapter takes a bow?

Just as Adam Sandler looks like he’s having fun in those clips from the set, Jennifer Aniston seems just as excited about returning to the field, seeing where Nick and Audrey Spitz’s next misadventure will take them. We’re still not sure when to expect “Murder Mystery 2,” but it’s not that hard to expect the movie to appear somewhere in the Netflix 2023 movie schedule.

In the meantime, you can watch the original Murder Mystery, since at the time of writing this article it was still being broadcast on the platform. Or, if you’re a fan of Adam Sandler and haven’t seen his latest movie, “Vanity,” you can watch this movie on the same platform.


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