Jennifer Aniston will not find Brad Pitt for their great project!


Ever since Brad Pitt parted ways with the beautiful Angelina Jolie, fans would like to see him happily again in Jennifer Aniston’s arms.

Thus, their every move is analyzed. As at that famous evening of the SAG Awards last January, during which they had been quite close.

Since then, they have not ignored each other. Quite the contrary. They even see each other as friends. In fact, a close source told our colleagues at People:

“They are friends and very happy for each other. They want nothing other than their respective happiness. Jen is happy to have Brad as a friend in her life, it doesn’t go further. ”

But fans of the former couple still dream of seeing them together. So they expressed their great joy when they learned that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were going to meet again for a new project.


Eh yes ! Imagine that the former lovebirds were to meet last Friday August 21 for a reading project. A great first!

It was therefore to take place online on Facebook Live and Tik Tok… Live from the famous script of It heaters at Ridgemont high school. It is then a comedy released in 1982.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt weren’t the only guests. Oh no! There were also other very famous stars like Julia Roberts, Morgan Freeman. Even Matthew McConaughey.

The purpose of this event is simple. It then made it possible to raise funds for two associations: CORE, an organization which then fights against the coronavirus.

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But also REFORM Alliance. An association that fights for a reform of criminal justice in the United States. The fans are therefore very sad to have learned of the cancellation of this project due to a technical problem.


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