Jennifer Aniston: Which Friends episode sucks?


A website decided to ask Friends fans which episode sucks. Jennifer Aniston may be surprised! For several years now, Friends, the series that revealed Jennifer Aniston has been a hit. Twenty-five years later the series still makes people laugh!

No one expected this success. Indeed, 25 years ago, Marta Kauffman and David Crane decided to launch a new series. They then think of a gigantic collocation between several friends. It was then that the Friends series was born.

They decide to recruit several actors still little known to the general public like Courtney Cox or Jennifer Aniston. Nobody then suspects the success that the series will have. Indeed, the cult lines and the wacky situations haven’t aged a bit.

And for good reason, in France, the series in which Jennifer Aniston plays has been broadcast on TFX for years. But that’s not all. Netflix also makes the series available.


But a few months ago now, Friends fans had a terrible scare. And for good reason, rumors were running that Netflix was going to remove the series. But ultimately, she still remains!

Friends fans faced a terrible dilemma. And for good reason, an American site has put them to the test. Indeed, they had to vote on the IMDb site for the episode that had the least convincing among the 256 episodes.

Indeed, with such an impressive number of episodes, some were obviously less convincing than others. And this is the case with the episode “The One Who Sends the Invitation”, which is part of Season 4 and which is Episode 21.

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Fans of Friends and Jennifer Aniston were not wowed by the various flashbacks the producers offered in this episode. But still, the episode gets a score of 7.3 / 10!


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