Jennifer Aniston was impressed by the praying girl!


Jennifer Aniston is very active on Instagram. However, the famous actress seems to want to use them wisely!

Actress Jennifer Aniston continues to fan the web, via her Instagram account.

Jennifer Aniston has been known to the general public for years now. The actress, having taken her first steps in the famous series Friends, went on to appear in numerous films. Her talent is no longer to be proven and she could still participate in many projects.

However, Jennifer Aniston seems to be asking questions about her future in cinema. Our colleagues from Téléstar recently relayed an interview during which she expressed her fed-up.

She explained, “I must admit that over the past two years, the idea of ​​not acting anymore has crossed my mind.” Before adding: “It never had been. This project really pissed me off. And I don’t know if I’m still interested in acting, “without specifying which film it was.

Fans of ex-Brad Pitt might already shed tears when reading these lines. Indeed, many would be sad not to see the young woman on the screen.

Her beauty, humor and sensitivity seem to appeal to many moviegoers and series fans. Fortunately, the pretty young woman knows how to stay authentic via her social networks. Instagram, including.


The famous Jennifer Aniston proves her authenticity once again! So, the actress just posted a very touching Instagram Story. This is a video, taken from the @oprahmagazine account. Above, we see a father and his daughter, performing prayers at bedtime. And the least we can say is that the pictures are heartwarming.

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This post was indeed all the rage with over 110,000 views as well as many fan comments. “Amen”, “This is the best gift a man can give a child! “, ” I respect you. A wonderful daddy! “,” That brought tears to my eyes, “are some of the messages we can read under this post. Jennifer Aniston simply captioned the video with two tied hands, to symbolize her faith in God.

This isn’t the only theme the star brings up on her account today. The latter also urged its subscribers to vote for the elections in Georgia. It would seem then that the woman is very committed!

Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to read Jennifer Aniston, via social media. And it’s not its 36 million subscribers that will contradict us.

We still hope to see the beautiful young woman again on our screens, and as soon as possible. To be continued !


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