Jennifer Aniston wants to go on vacation!


In this time of health crisis, going on vacation is sorely missed by the actress Jennifer Aniston. She really suffers from it.

Jennifer Aniston is fed up! The beautiful actress who played Rachel Green in Friends would like to pack up and take a vacation.

This time of the year is really anxious because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, no one really manages to cope.

Thus, health, morale and finances are not looking good. Many people dream of extricating themselves from their troubles and fleeing to another country. Time for a few vacation.

So that’s what Jennifer Aniston would love. More than ever, the beautiful actress – known in the Friends series – would love to take it easy in the sun.

This is, in any case, what our colleagues at Micky have just revealed. A source assures that the actress would like to take a flight to stay in a four-star star with her friends.

“Jennifer Aniston has a severe case of cabin fever and is looking to spread her wings and get out of town. Even being back to work on The Morning Show didn’t make her feel any less locked up, ”he explained.

Then he added, “There is no socialization, everyone is told to keep their distance. And even if she understands why, it’s made for a few hours of solitude. ”


One thing is certain is that Jennifer Aniston could not take the current situation at all. What she would like is to pack up.

“She desperately needs time off and wants a luxury vacation with other people. Her plan is to schedule time around her birthday in February to go to Greece or Mexico. ”

“Either way, she’s dying to leave town. Even though she lives in a mansion that anyone else would consider paradise, “the source continued. Is Jennifer Aniston actually going to do it?


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