Jennifer Aniston: This Substance Inside Your Skin!


Actress Jennifer Aniston reveals her beauty secret for radiant skin! We’ll give you more details. Jennifer Aniston reveals her secret to beautiful skin!

At 51, the actress of the popular series Friends takes good care of herself. Indeed, Jennifer Aniston pays attention to her line and remains very active.

Indeed, it combines regular sporting activity with a healthy diet. The pretty blonde has revealed her diet on several occasions during media interviews.

But be aware that Jennifer Aniston adds a secret ingredient to her smoothies and her coffee. And it seems that this unusual ingredient is a real ally for her dream skin.

Lucky for us, the pretty actress has agreed to share her beauty secrets! We reveal everything to you.


In 2018, Jennifer Aniston showed off her morning routine. The young woman explains that she has a fairly full breakfast.

So, she makes fruit smoothies every morning. She mixes pure protein with bananas, blueberries, cherries and adds stevia.

But that’s not all. She adds a mixture of green vegetables and maca powder with a little cocoa. Finally the pretty blonde adds some collagen powder.

“I really see a difference. My skin is more beautiful and my nails stronger. »Explains Jennifer Aniston. The beautiful actress therefore specifies that it is the collagen that works wonders!

In November 2020, the beautiful blonde even became creative director of the Vital Proteins brand. This means that the actress is completely satisfied with the results of the collagen products.

She was therefore able to invest even more with the brand. The young woman explains that a good diet is the key to a healthy body. So she adds collagen in her smoothie or her coffee to start the day off right!


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