Jennifer Aniston: The scene where she giggles in Friends!


Actress Jennifer Aniston shares her biggest giggles while filming a scene from Friends! We tell you more. Jennifer Aniston looks back on the giggles she had while filming a scene from Friends!

It is part of the cult series of the late 90s. Aired between 1994 and 2004, Friends marked a whole generation.

Today, its 10 seasons of 236 episodes in total are available on the Netflix streaming platform. Something to delight fans who have seen and reviewed it dozens of times, at least!

Friends is therefore still as popular as ever. And for good reason: the series immerses us in the exciting life of a group of young friends.

At the time, that was a first! Indeed, we used to follow family stories on our screens.

This time around, viewers could easily relate to the 6 characters. The sauce set, and the recipe for its success would be picked up years later in other series, like How I Met Your Mother.

For its casting, the Friends series called on stars who were still very little known at the time. We think of Jennifer Aniston!

It was thanks to the role of Rachel that her career took a real turn. So after the series, the actress had a hard time breaking away from her character.

Indeed, after 10 seasons of playing the same role, some no longer saw her as Jennifer Aniston but Rachel from Friends. One thing is certain, the young woman loved shooting this series, where laughter is never far away.


The friendship that has developed between the actors of Friends crosses the borders of the film set. Indeed, Jennifer Aniston and her colleagues have become true friends.

Recently, the pretty blonde and Lisa Kudrow got together for a filmed interview. The two actresses then remember some anecdotes from the filming of the cult series.

“Sometimes we had real giggles,” says Rachel’s interpreter. “I remember a lot of times you would swing your punchline after you turned around to say ‘sorry but that was very funny’.” adds the actress, adding that she found it so adorable.

Lisa Kudrow admits that she had a hard time holding back her laughter. But Phoebe’s interpreter was far from the only one!

In fact Jennifer Aniston also remembers a scene where she couldn’t stop laughing. Friends fans are probably guessing what scene this is.

In season 7 of the series, Monica and Chandler are planning their wedding. Ross then decides to prepare a surprise for them to pay tribute to the Scottish origins of his future brother-in-law.

So Ross decides to learn to play the bagpipe. The young man therefore presents his little performance to them to get their agreement.

Lisa Kudrow then began to hum the tune with him while imitating the sound of a bagpipe. It won’t take more to crack Jennifer Aniston and the rest of the group. Check out the footage in the video below.


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