Jennifer Aniston: That tic she had in Friends resurfaces!


He is one of those stars who have certain bad habits … Jennifer Aniston is one of them and has trouble getting rid of a certain tic!

Almost everyone has very bad habits after all. Whether it’s sucking your thumb or making mouth noises. For Jennifer Aniston, there was nothing easy about having to let go of your tic. This one has just resurfaced!

In short, Friends fans have noticed. Indeed, Jennifer Aniston, one of the stars of the show, had a nasty habit.

A tic that could annoy more than one today and that she could not get rid of. Finally, the beautiful blonde is not the only one to have to deal with such inconvenience.

Whether it’s on TV, politicians or big screen stars, many stars also have quirks that make their lives hell. Never mind !

Finally, for some, these bad habits make them almost charming. For example, Halle Berry has the annoying tendency to bite her lip, which forces her to go without the balm quite often.

For Jennifer Aniston, it’s a much more compulsive tic, which seems to betray an entirely different habit that is much less cute. 16 years after stopping Friends, his flagship series, he is resurfacing …

Jennifer Aniston: That tic she had in Friends resurfaces!


On TikTok, a Friends fan made a myth-busting announcement. Indeed, the latter revealed in one of his videos the verbal tic of Jennifer Aniston.

“If you love the Friends series, don’t watch this video,” @ Cts.Trphe teased on his TikTok account. Then, the latter tells us that the star of the small screen tended to emit a throaty sound.

This sound, which came from his throat, allowed him to clear his throat. So far nothing very bad you will say, we all do it, or almost not?

Well, the videographer continues her narrative by letting us know that she does it before each of her lines of dialogue. “Jen has that kind of vocal tick that she does at the start of every sentence,” he says, on any show.

The actress, who recently received a Golden Globes for her performance on The Morning Show, has therefore kept this habit. “It’s very specific and it’s very hard not to pay attention to it once you notice it.”

Indeed, this vocal tic adopted by Jennifer Aniston betrays her love of nicotine! Yep, that breaks the myth: Rachel Green’s interpreter was a die-hard smoker.

She didn’t give up this bad habit until 2012. Before that, Brad Pitt’s ex-girlfriend had smoked for almost 20 years. Finally, she did well to stop, even though her vocal tic still seems to be chasing her …


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