Jennifer Aniston shows her disgust for Donald Trump!


On a daily basis, Jennifer Aniston is very active on the Web. And the actress does not hide that she is openly opposed to Donald Trump.

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most popular social media stars to date. And her followers have noticed that she likes quite a few posts that tackle Donald Trump.

We no longer introduce Jennifer Aniston! Passionate about comedy from a young age, her acting career simply took off thanks to the series “Friends”.

On screen, the pretty blonde played the famous Rachel Green character for several years. In the city, it was especially her relationship with Brad Pitt that fascinated the media around the world.

Madly in love with each other, the lovebirds said “yes” to each other in 2000. But 5 years later, her husband met Angelina Jolie while filming “Mr & Mrs Smith”.

To everyone’s surprise, the actor ends her marriage to Jennifer Aniston to live out her new love affair with Jon Voight’s daughter.

If the actress struggles to recover, she ends up turning the page in the arms of Vince Vaughn. She will coo for a while with John Mayer.

And her relationship with Justin Theroux will be high profile. But in 2018, the couple formalized their separation through a press release.

Last year, Jennifer Aniston surprised everyone by taking to Instagram. Her sensational entry on this social network did not go unnoticed.

In just 5 hours, the actress had over 1 million subscribers. To date, she has 35 million more. Class!


On the Web, Jennifer Aniston loves to post photos related to her career, her daily life. But also pictures of her upcoming projects.

And her followers also noticed that she liked multiple anti-Donald Trump posts! But that’s not really a surprise.

During the last presidential elections, the star openly showed her support for Joe Biden. Obviously, Brad Pitt’s ex never carried Ivanka Trump’s father’s politics to her heart.

And the many escapades of the latter seem to annoy him to the highest point. Not having her tongue in her pocket, Jennifer Aniston often sent tackles to Donald Trump.

But the storming of the Capitol by supporters of Melania Trump’s husband seems to have caught the star’s attention. A few days ago, she also liked a post on the “New York Times” article entitled “Trump Impeached Again” (Editor’s note: “Trump indicted again”).

On the Web, the actress must also face the attacks of pro-Trump! And some of them seem willing to do battle with Jennifer Aniston over her ideas.


In any case at 51, the star seems to be in top form! Radiant and energetic, Jennifer Aniston often creates a sensation with her Instagram posts.

It’s no secret that she has always been very careful about her lifestyle. Besides sports, the pretty blonde also has a very balanced diet.

Through various interviews, the star has often claimed that she ate a very full breakfast every day. According to her words, the actress is even addicted to fruit smoothies.

For example, she would make a mix of pure protein with bananas, blueberries, cherries. But also stevia.

Finally, the actress would also add a mixture of green vegetables and maca powder with a hint of cocoa and collagen. An astonishing but effective cocktail!


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