Jennifer Aniston: Jay Mohr, actress behavior


According to Jay Mohr, Jennifer Aniston behaved like a real diva on the set. Shocking revelations, especially for fans of the Friends star!

Already in 2013, a close source claimed that the young actress had a terrible behavior. Indeed, she was unbearable on the set of her film Life of Crime.

Besides, it looks like Jennifer Aniston didn’t want to mix with the rest of the cast. For example, at lunchtime, the young actress preferred to eat on her own.

In fact, she ate in her private box. While this one was far from the plateau. Now it’s Jay Mohr who balances on the behavior of the American starlet.


Jay Mohr said he had a bad experience with actress Jennifer Aniston. Note that the two actors shared the screen in the 1997 movie Picture Perfect.

It seems that many years later he remembers it very well! For example, in Mohr Stories, the actor said his first day of rehearsal with Jennifer Aniston didn’t go very well.

And for good reason ! The young woman has reportedly openly said she was disappointed with the choice of actor. One effect, she did not understand why Jay Mohr had been chosen to play her darling.

“6 guys they test on screen! 6! The only guy I hate is the guy they hire, “the young actress reportedly said, pointing to the actor. She would have continued to denigrate him for the rest of the day.

The young actor would even have ended up in tears! A very bad memory for Jay Mohr. Fortunately, this one did not let itself down.

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