Jennifer Aniston is in a relationship with a new man!


General alert! Jennifer Aniston would be a couple again. It is a source close to the star who confirmed the info for “In Touch”.

Jennifer Aniston would no longer be a heart to take! To believe the site “In Touch”, the actress would indeed be a couple.

Besides her film career, the private life of Jennifer Aniston has always intrigued the media! Her relationship with Brad Pitt will have fascinated her fans, but also the tabloids for several years.

But in 2005, thunderclap in Hollywood! The actor decides to end their marriage to live out her love affair with Angelina Jolie.

This sudden rupture will be the hottest spots in the tabloids for many weeks. Unsurprisingly, Jennifer Aniston will have a hard time getting over this. We understand it!

For her part, she will live a short romance with the actor Vince Vaughn. But also the singer John Mayer.

After going through countless romantic setbacks, Jennifer Aniston will find love again in the arms of Justin Theroux. In 2015, the two stars unite in a small group in their sublime house in Bel-Air.

But 3 years later, they decide to separate. But to this day, the two exes still have a good relationship.

Since then, nothing has leaked! And her  romantic situation is often the target of many rumors.

But there is nothing really concrete! In addition, the actress does everything to preserve her secret garden. But the last I heard, she wouldn’t be a heart to take at all.

Jennifer Aniston is in a relationship with a mysterious new man!


According to a source close to Jennifer Aniston, the “Friends” star has indeed found love again. Moreover, it was the “In Touch” site that excluded her comments.

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“They have tons of things in common. He is down to earth, handsome, “said the informant. But also “He makes her laugh. And makes her feel safe. She trusts him ”.

At the moment, the identity of her new darling has not yet been revealed. There is no doubt that we will know more soon!

On a daily basis, some fans of Jennifer Aniston hope for a comeback with Brad Pitt. Freshly separated from Angelina Jolie, in recent months the actor would have grown closer to his ex-girlfriend.

“Brad’s mentality is completely different from when he was still with Jennifer. Brad is really a guy who thinks a lot and he has worked a lot on himself, ”said relatives of the ex-lovers for“ Entertainment Tonight ”in 2020.

But also: “He apologized to her for a lot of things that he said were his problems during their relationship. He admitted his mistakes. And that changed the relationship they have today. ”

Before concluding: “They have both turned the page. Brad has matured since he and Jen broke up. Now they love and adore each other. And have become closer friends than ever since their divorces ”.

A beautiful complicity that makes you dream. We love !


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