Jennifer Aniston is a fan of this cute birthday video!


Jennifer Aniston can count on her fans to celebrate her birthday. And it is on Instagram that they gave him a very nice gift.

Actress Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most beloved figures. And that’s why her fans give him back. Indeed they gave him a surprise for her birthday. And it’s worth the detour.

Since her role as Rachel Green in “Friends,” the actress has gone through a series of comedy roles. Making her one of the biggest stars of the moment.

But she prefers to leave aside the films to find the series. Jennifer Aniston stars an original Apple TV + creation. “The Morning Show” is a series that tells the story of a scandal erupting in a morning show on American television.

And we must admit that this program has been a real success. A daring bet for the platform which wanted to highlight this taboo subject of our society. But well and truly present.

It was on Instagram that Jennifer Aniston announced the renewal of season 2. Along with her loyal hairdresser, she posted a beautiful selfie in her dressing room to announce the news.

But when the actress is not on a film set, she takes the opportunity to share moments from her daily life on social media.

Indeed, she joined Instagram in 2019. Better late than never. Thus, the pretty blonde now has 36.3 million subscribers to her credit. A very active community that sends her a lot of love.

Jennifer Aniston fan of this cute birthday video from her fans!


If there is one thing Jennifer Aniston can brag about, it’s her fans. Indeed she has a large community on social networks as in real life.

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When she posted her first photo to her Instagram account fans went nuts. The selfie in the company of her faithful acolytes of “Friends” therefore caused a sensation.

And to thank Jennifer Aniston for sharing these moments, the fans wanted to give her a surprise for her birthday. So it was on February 11 that she received her gift. An approach that comes straight from Brazil.

Indeed, a group of fans made a very special video. Each of them filmed as if they were clapping each other’s hands. All on the song “IDK You Yet” by Alexander 23.

And the editing of the video is very successful! We are therefore witnessing a real human chain of slaps on the hands. They even incorporated a video of Jennifer Aniston doing a high five to continue the illusion.

This video is therefore very symbolic because it shows how her fans stay connected despite the distance. But also how much they love the actress. And the result is very moving.

So the actress shared the video as a story and commented “I send you all my love”. Successful bet for her fans who moved their idol.


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