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Jennifer Aniston: Former co-stars complain!


It’s a big blow for Jennifer Aniston! Many of her co-stars complain about her breath! They would even be traumatized!

Several co-stars of the beautiful Jennifer Aniston have complained about her breath on the sets!

While a lot of people would go out of their way to kiss Jennifer Aniston, some celebrities admitted it wasn’t all that nice!

Even worse ! According to actor Alec Baldwin, kissing the Friends star was even quite “painful.” So he wouldn’t have enjoyed it!

And for good reason ! Jennifer Aniston would have bad breath! This is probably explained by her bad habits which led to very bad breath.

Indeed, the pretty blonde is addicted to caffeine and cigarettes. And the combination of the two made the kissing scenes difficult for her co-stars.

The smell was just too unbearable. And according to our colleagues at ScreenRant, the actress’s breath smelled so bad that Jason Bateman once complained.


Eh yes ! You do not dream ! So he would have stopped a scene of fucking with her because of the smell of cigarettes and coffee.

Alec Baldwin even said of her wildly passionate kiss: “It was painful. I mean, all the men who had to deal with her on TV and in the movies… I don’t know how they do it. ”

One thing is certain, this is not very pleasant to hear! Jennifer Aniston has always been considered one of the most beautiful celebrities.

So this does not put it to its advantage! It is even very embarrassing! That’s probably the reason she never answered it!

At the moment, Jennifer Aniston therefore prefers to remain creative rather than respond to controversies. A close source said, “So Jen wrote a ton of stuff. And she’s focused on writing scripts for quarantined movies. “



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