Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox meets at Emmy


Actress Jennifer Aniston undoubtedly starred in several of the funniest and most surprising moments of the Emmy Awards ceremony that was held yesterday Sunday in Los Angeles, although the gala was clearly marked by the use of videoconferencing and, therefore, due to the digital presence of most of the nominated artists.

In the case of the now protagonist of “The Morning Show”, her first appearance at the event took place in her living room, where she was not exactly alone. And it is that, during her speech, those who were her co-stars in the legendary program “Friends” came into the picture: Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, who apparently have lived with her for decades.

“Of course we are watching the ceremony together, we have been roommates since 1994, Jimmy,” joked Brad Pitt’s ex-wife just before Lisa intervened directly to influence the very close relationship she has with her two best friends. “Are we live?” He asked himself before saying: “Where else would I be living?”

Just a few minutes later, Jennifer had to leave the comfort of her ‘home’ to go to the gala stage and, in this way, temporarily act as a firefighter to help the popular comedian put out a fire, initially insignificant and obviously simulated. It quickly got out of control.

On the other hand, the interpreter was left without the award she chose for the first of the mentioned productions, since the statuette for the best leading actress in a dramatic series was taken by the media Zendaya thanks to the successful “Euphoria”, produced by HBO.

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