Jennifer Aniston: Courteney Cox covers the song Friends!


The co-star of Jennifer Aniston in Friends, Courteney Cox surprises the Web with an incredible video in the company of the group The Rembrant.

The cast of “Friends” never misses an opportunity to surprise us. And this time it was Jennifer Aniston’s friend who took care of it. Courteney Cox shared a video on Instagram to the delight of fans.

Who has never dreamed of having the same New York apartment as Monica? Going for a cup of coffee at Central Perk? Or have friends as crazy as Joey and Chandler?

Indeed, already 17 years since the last episode of the cult series was broadcast on television. And since 1994, the popularity of Friends has grown steadily. It’s the most popular series of all time. Unbelievable !

And it must be said that the series has crossed the generations. Broadcast since 1994, it is now available in full on Netflix.

But fans are not yet ready to say goodbye to their favorite series. Indeed Jennifer Aniston and the other actors of Friends have planned a big surprise for them.

To celebrate the 30 years of the series, the Americans have therefore gone all out. Indeed HBO Max is preparing a special episode with Jennifer Aniston and her band.

And while waiting for its release, some actors took the opportunity to subscribe to Instagram. Like Jennifer Aniston or Matthew Perry. But it was Courteney Cox who caused a stir in her latest social media post.


This is the video of the moment. Posted on Courteney Cox’s account, the actress showed off her talents as a pianist. Indeed the best friend of Jennifer Aniston has many talents. And to give Friends a nod, the star played the credits on the piano.

But she is not alone. Accompanied by musician Joel Taylor, member of the group “The Rembrant” whose song “I’ll be there for you” is part of the series.

And Courteney Cox doesn’t stop there. At one point she turns to the camera to clap her hands. Like they did in the credits. Iconic!

At the end of the video, Jennifer Aniston’s girlfriend asks her followers what she should be playing next time. And in the comments it’s madness. Subscribers are over the moon, as are celebrities who can’t hide their joy.

In shock, David Beckham writes “Oh my God” 3 times. The star of the series “Queer Eye” Tan France also reacted to the video. And even the official Warner account commented “you broke the internet”.

Jennifer Aniston and her friends will do anything to share good times with their fans. And this is proof that Friends fans are responding and will always respond.