Jennifer Aniston: How she broke Instagram …


On October 15, 2019, Jennifer Aniston entered the History … of Instagram! The actress literally broke the social network by creating her personal account, an event far from unnoticed.

It was initially to get in touch with her fans and friends, but Jennifer Aniston surely had not planned to create a craze as the social network Instagram has experienced some malfunctions. Everything is gone, October 15, 2019, a simple image, but not least …

Since then, she has often posted personal photos of herself, her friends and colleagues, with the motto of self-deprecation.

Already, a month later, some 20 million subscribers on the counter, Jennifer Aniston proves and proves that, 25 years after her role as Rachel Green in the series Friends, she is still appreciated by the public, which makes she is a true icon of her time. Her naturalness and her own humor may make some nostalgic of the time of Friends, but it is now on his Instagram account that we appreciate … and in our video above!


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