Jennifer Aniston: Brad Pitt in an affair with Lady Gaga?


Definitely, Jennifer Aniston’s ex continues to capsize the hearts of these ladies. it is rumored that Brad Pitt is flirting with Lady Gaga …

In short, rumors are rife for Brad Pitt. This time around, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie’s ex is diving into a high-profile gossip. According to the gossip, he got hold of Lady Gaga!

OMG! So is it possible that Brad Pitt has conquered the famous Lady Gaga? It seems Jennifer Aniston’s ex left some clues behind.

At least, that’s what gossip-hungry paparazzi across the globe are claiming. They tell us that dear Brad is messing with the interpreter of “Poker Face”.

There are many rumors surrounding the actor famous for his role in “Fight Club”. For months now, we’ve been lending him adventures with just about everyone!

Difficult, therefore, to mix the true with the false and to know towards which his heart swings … Especially since rumors also said it again with Jennifer Aniston.

This, shortly after his divorce from the sublime Angelina Jolie … What about the love life of playboy Brad Pitt?


According to New Idea, Brad Pitt can’t “take his eyes off” Lady Gaga since they worked together on the set of Bullet Train. It’s rumored that Jennifer Aniston’s ex is “obsessed with her”.

He even took it into his head to become her unofficial acting coach! However, these rumors should soon be brushed aside.

Earlier, Brad Pitt was also accused of eyeing Margot Robbie. However, Gossip Cop, a specialist in such crazy stories, debunks these theories.

According to gossip specialists, the portrayal of Louis de Ponte du Lac in Interview with a Vampire does not mix business with romantic life. His relationship with Lady Gaga is therefore purely professional.

However, he did meet some of his conquests on the sets… Like Gwyneth Paltrow on the set of Se7en, Jennifer Aniston in Friends and of course, Angie in Mr & Mrs Smith!


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