Jennifer Aniston at The Morning Show tournament


Good news for Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon! The two actresses are currently on the set of The Morning Show.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are back on sets! The two actresses are filming the sequel to The Morning Show.

The paparazzi saw the two young women together on the streets of Los Angeles. With the Covid-19 crisis, the filming of the series was significantly delayed.

The two actresses wore masks as they joined an upscale Los Angeles restaurant to film a scene together. Then, they were seen leaving the restaurant from a horde of fake photographers, all extras.

Already led by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, as well as Steve Carell and Billy Crudup, the series, which will be broadcast on Apple TV + will welcome new actors.

Among them, a certain Julianna Margulies. His name is not unknown to you? This is normal, the young woman has already played in Emergency but also The Good Wife.

She was recently seen in Billions and The Hot Zone. The media Deadline reports that the young woman will have a recurring role in the series.

She will be UBA News’ newest presenter Laura Peterson. His character should therefore give a hard time to Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whitherspoon.


Reese Whitherspoon is a renowned actress. Used to playing in serious roles in the cinema, the pretty blonde turns to comedy, and it suits her perfectly.

In an interview with Vogue UK, the Jennifer Aniston co-star said she received a lot of reviews for The Morning Star. He has often been criticized for his age.

“Someone who works in finance warned me about my age: ‘Start saving money because after 40 you won’t make any money.’ Advice that the actress obviously did not apply.

So she said, “I am making more money now than I have ever made since I turned 40. A man told me that too, and I fired him on the spot, “she recalled.

On screen, the chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon is the same as in real life. The two young women have become very close.

“The show has brought us even closer together, so I have a deep respect, immense admiration for Reese,” Jennifer Aniston told The Guardian.

The two American actresses are two fervent activists of the #MeToo movement. “So in our show, women are in the spotlight,” Jennifer Aniston told Elle.

So she continued. “As Alex Levy, my character, says, women can’t ask for power, they have to take power. And taking control doesn’t mean you’re hysterical, it just means you’re on par with a man. You have just as much a right to make your voice heard as a man “.