Jennifer Aniston and her dog can’t go their separate ways!


In the story of her Instagram account, Jennifer Aniston appeared alongside her adorable dog. They are inseparable!

Jennifer Aniston shared an adorable photo with her four-legged companion. His dog Lord Chesterfield is melting all his subscribers!

How adorable! Ever since Jennifer Aniston adopted a dog, the actress can’t help but photograph him.

Indeed, the former star of the Friends series is really gaga over his doggie, who goes by the name of Lord Chesterfield. An animal she adopted from a shelter!

Thus, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife never separates from him. It’s quite simple: they cannot stay away from each other.

In fact, Jennifer Aniston has just proven it in her Instagram story. As she was about to work out, her four-legged best friend stopped her.

And for good reason, Lord Chesterfield allowed himself to lie on his legs. So, the one who played the role of Rachel in the American show can not move.

In any case, this situation seems to amuse him a lot. As for its subscribers, they can only melt in front of this adorable video.

Especially since they love the pictures with his doggie. To believe it, just take a look at its November 26, 2020 post.

In short, Jennifer Aniston had shared a snapshot with him. So in just a few hours, he was loved by over 5 million people. Yes, that’s a great score!


On the web, Jennifer Aniston always shows Lord Chesterfield. Yet the 51-year-old actress doesn’t have just one pooch.

At home, she also takes care of her dogs, Clyde and Sophie. However, they appear much less on his Instagram account.

On March 4, 2020, during the presidential election, the pretty blonde had one of them all the same. In fact, she had her fans believe he was voting too!

Thus, the one who never hides her political opinions wrote: “All votes count. In short, she was asking her fans to do it too.


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