Jennifer Aniston: a pleasant Sunday with her dog!


Jennifer Aniston enjoys a Sunday off after the holidays! The actress appears in peace, for a cocooning day with her dog!

Jennifer Aniston is off to a good start to the year! The star, far from the cinema or TV sets, thus allows herself a Sunday rest after the holidays … But never without her dog, who never leaves her!

It must also be said that the actress announced the arrival of the “new member of her family” with great fanfare. For Thanksgiving, she decided to do a very nice deed: adopt an abandoned dog.

So the actress trusted an association, which brought her Lord Chesterfield! Jennifer Aniston seems so fulfilled … And so spend Sundays between the sofa and the bed with him!

She flaunts herself on social media, with her adorable little dog beside her. The star seems as gaga as his fans… Even personalities like Orlando Bloom have melted in front of these images!

The comments are therefore multiplying under the publications of Jennifer Aniston … But his latest stories, for “the first Sunday of 2021” will melt the canvas.


The two photos seem indeed too cute… We thus discover his little dog still tired. It seems he spends most of the time sleeping … But he also takes care of his mistress.

Jennifer Aniston seeks to send a message with her photo. While she will celebrate the three months of Lord Chesterfield’s adoption on January 11, she is already showing a real bond with her animal!

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It thus shows a very close-knit moment, hand in hand … Or rather, paw in hand. The second shot looks even cuter, with a dog sticking its tongue out in front of the lens!

Lord Chesterfield has grown up well over the past three months… He doesn’t look very unhappy next to Jennifer Aniston. So he risks asking for more Sundays like this!


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